Q 1: Is it a Madrasah or a school?
Answer: It is an Islamic academy that combines both a British school and a modern Islamic curriculum.

Q 2: Can my child become an Aalim (Islamic scholar) and Hafiz here?
Answer: Yes, InshaAllah. Every pupil at Safeer Academy will have to memorise as much Qur’an as they can, and potentially many of them will become a full hafizul Qur’an by the age of 16 or earlier. Also, we lay the basic foundations of Islamic education, from which they can undertake further Islamic studies to become an Aalim (Muhaddith, Mufti, Mufassir and Mawlana) with the opportunities to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, economists and so on.

Q 3: How can you follow the British Curriculum in Bangladesh?
Answer: There are many other schools in Bangladesh already following the English Curriculum, but not in full. Safeer Academy is the pioneer in providing an Islamic curriculum along with mainstream British National Curriculum for its breadth and high quality.

Q 4: Will Safeer pupils be able to do local SSC and HSC examinations?
Answer: They do not need to do local SSC or HSC because Safeer pupils will be achieving International GCSE certificates with Edexcel or Cambridge, supervised by The British Council, InshaAllah.

Q 5: Can Safeer pupils go to any local college after IGCSE here?
Answer: Of course, yes, InshaAllah.

Q 6: Can Safeer pupils go to Medina, Makkah, or al-Azher universities for their higher studies.
Answer: Yes, InshaAllah. The academic path is well designed for boys and girls to study Islamic subjects abroad.

Q 7: Can anyone join Safeer at any time of the year?
Answer: Our academic year is September-August. However, new admissions during the academic year depend on the availability of seats in a certain class. However, all pupils must go through our admissions process and must pass our entry tests at any time of the academic year.

Q 8: When do you start your academic year?
Answer: Our academic year coincides with the mainstream British school calendar – September to August..

Q 9: Do pupils get extra holidays during Eids and other National Holidays in Bangladesh?
Answer: Our Academy will be closed on public holidays in Bangladesh as well as on other Islamic festivals.

Q 10: Can we withdraw our children with refunds?
Answer: Generally, no. However, there may be some exceptional circumstances, where a partial refund can be made. Please refer to our fee refund policy for full details.

Q 11: Is it a co-education (boys and girls are mixed)?
Answer: Safeer Academy Provides full separate education for boys and girls from the early ages.

Q 12: Can girls be residential students at Safeer Academy?
Answer: Yes, Can girls be residential students at Safeer Girls Hostel.

Q 13: At what age can pupils enrol as a residential student at Safeer?
Answer: The minimum age should be 7 to 8 years subject to suitability checks by the Academy.

Q 14: How would you adjust the class of a pupil who wants to move from a lower class from another school?
Answer: Every pupil will be placed in their appropriate age group regardless of his/her class in their previous schools. Catch-up programmes will be in place should there be a need for any children. Parents will have to pay an additional fee for extra support for the child.

Q 15: Can we apply for admission online and offline?
Answer: All the admission applications should be made online. If there are any glitches on our online form, please contact our office. They will be happy to help you.

Q 16: When will you confirm admission for the session: 2022-2023?
Answer: We are taking applications now. There will be interviews for all applicants starting from April, 2022, InshaAllah. All applicants will receive their interview appointments and other details well in advance of the date of interview. After the interviews, further steps of the admission will be advised.

Q 17: Can my child get a second chance if he/she fails in the test/interview?
Answer: Unsuccessful applicants will automatically be placed on our waiting list with a second chance to take an entry test/interview, subject to availability of the seats at any given time of the year.

Q 18: Can we apply for remote classes online?
Answer: Not at this moment. However, we may go for a trial batch with limited subjects from January 2021, InshaAllah. Please visit our website for further details on this issue.

Q 19: How will the Tahfeez programme be embedded in your curriculum?
Answer: Full residential pupils will have nearly 35 lessons per week for Tahfeezul Qur’an and day care pupils (8am to 6.30pm) will have nearly 25 lessons on Tahfeez, non-day care students will get 12-15 lessons/hours per week for Tahfeez, InshaAllah.

Q 20: Can my child be fluent in Arabic?
Answer: InshaAllah, our aim is that all our pupils will be fluent in modern standard Arabic and Qur’anic Arabic, within 2/3 years of continuous study at Safeer Academy.

Q 21: Are there any scholarships and bursaries for pupils from less-advantaged family backgrounds?
Answer: Yes, Safeer Academy gives scholarship one student of each Class/Year on the basis of merit. And gives bursaries for pupils from less-advantaged family backgrounds every year.

Q 22: Will you offer any sibling discounts?
Answer: Yes, One student from sibling will get 25% discount in admission fee and monthly tuition fees.

Q 23: Do I have to pay additional fees for exams and books for children?
Answer: For internal exams, no. However, for books and other stationery, yes.

Q 24: Will there be a fee increase next year or every year?
Answer: There will be no fee increase until August 2022. However, fees may potentially be increased in line with local inflation rates and economic conditions.